Monday, May 19, 2008

Showers for Younger Siblings?

According to Parents magazine, baby showers for younger siblings are on the rise. If you had a baby shower for your second, third, fourth, or beyond, how did you celebrate? Was your party more about welcoming the new little one or pampering the mom?

Perhaps you haven't had multiple showers, but you've attended one. What did you like about it?

Most importantly, do you think this trend is a good idea? Why or why not?

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Megan said...

I'm giving a shower for my friend who is about to have her third. I think it is perfectly fine (and wonderful!) to celebrate this new life. Plus this baby was rather unexpected and they gave away a lot of their stuff.

Also, they have two boys and if this baby is a girl, they will need some new things.

Also, they could always use diapers and the like.

Also, it's a great excuse to party.


Can you tell I'm okay with it? :)

stephanie said...

I've never had a shower for a younger sibling, but I think they are a good thing! Each baby is a gift and precious and should be celebrated. :) That doesn't mean that subsequent showers have to be the big-blowout that the first one is - but this would give lots of opportunities for a smaller intimate gathering and celebration. (I especially like these if the mom is having a different sex baby that what she's had before, ie., I have three girls so if I ever had a boy, or if someone is having multiples). :)

Allison said...

Just to be clear, I also think this is a great idea!

I hope someone throws a shower for me the next time we have a little one.

I have a friend who is expecting her fourth, and I know she could probably use a baby shower of her own...after almost 5 years since her first (I remember it well!), I'm sure she might like some pampering and new baby goodies! Wouldn't we all?