Friday, October 31, 2008

Reassessing Priorities

During October I have been pondering what to do with this blog.

I want to continue posting here, but as you can see I've not lived up to my end of the bargain since we moved. I actually have a plethora of links to party ideas bookmarked on delicious (especially from the fall/Halloween season), but I can never get around to posting them. And I always see cool stuff on other blogs and think "That's a great idea! I need to add it to my blog!" But then I feel as though this blog would be nothing but a collection of other people's ideas. (Although, is that really such a bad thing? There are so many creative bloggers and contributors out there, and I always give credit where it is due!) As for original stuff, we've thrown a variety of events the last few months; however, I either don't have good pictures (the parties went so well I had no time to get out the camera!) or they were total flops and only one or two people showed up. So, I'm reevaluating.

Surprisingly, I got a new comment today and it made me think that perhaps there is still a section of people who might benefit from my posting. I know I appreciate being able to search one site for all the good party/entertaining ideas I've seen. Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller?

I think I can commit to posting 3 times a week for starters. I'd like to go through the end of the year, at least, but then I have another son due at the beginning of February, so unless I find some time to stock up on at least a month's worth of prepared posts, you won't see me much around here after that.

If you like this blog and think I should keep it up, or have suggestions for me, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!