Monday, May 12, 2008

More Baby Shower Ideas

I hope all the moms had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday! I certainly did!

Just wanted to point you to Blissfully Domestic for a final round-up of baby shower ideas from readers. I love the winning "bead necklace" activity for the new mom, from megret:

Everyone brought a bead (or two or three) that represents/reminds us either of the mommy-to-be (something reflecting her personality) OR, if you are a mom yourself, a bead(s) that represent a part of motherhood or bit of heartfelt advice. I chose a pink glass heart to remind my friend to love her little son (and TELL him she loved him) daily. Another person gave her a white bead symbolizing her pure and giving heart. It was quite touching; there wasn't a dry eye.

The beads were strung onto a ribbon and made into a necklace that she could wear during labor.

The thoughtfulness behind the necklace reminds me of one of the best gifts I got from a friend at a baby shower: a set of Scripture verses on little cards attached on a binder ring. I flipped through them before our son was born, and the truths brought me comfort. I didn't refer to them as much during labor as I thought I would (being completely exhausted and all), but they were especially touching during my recovery.

My friend Rachel typed them all up herself, printed the verses out on colored card stock, punched a hole in each corner, and put them together, but you could request in advance that your shower guests each bring a meaningful verse or quote concerning motherhood, labor, nursing, etc. You could collect them by e-mail beforehand or have them write them down at the shower. Afterwards, you could fashion them into a flipbook for the expectant mom.

I keep them in my son's room and they still make me smile whenever I read them. Here's to gifts that bring encouragement long after the party is over!


CanCan said...

These are wonderful ideas. I LOVE the necklace idea. So simple yet so meaningful!

Allison said...

Thanks! The necklace idea comes from megret, who has a great crafty blog.