Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ladybug Picnic Party

Yesterday, my son received this adorable handmade invitation in the mail to his friend Miss Scarlett's first birthday party:

Miss Scarlett's mom has chosen a picnic theme, complete with ladybugs and a red checkered blanket motif. She wants to make the cake herself, and I thought I would throw out some ideas here on the blog.

At one point, she mentioned making a cake in the shape of the number 1 covered in red checkered pattern, similar to the invitation above. Here's a Checkerboard Cake which suggests making the squares using pieces of fruit leather! Brilliant!

I suggested adding ants crawling across the cake, but she says ladybugs and flowers are cuter. She's right! (I suppose I'm already accustomed to planning for a boy!)

Here are some more cake ideas I found around the web:

  • A very cute Ladybug Cake, which you make using Junior Mints!
  • A Gumdrop Garden Cake, which has a similar theme
  • Finally, in the "Why not?!" category, a Hotdog and Fries Cake!

    For decorations:
    Checkered tablecloths, of course! She's having the party at a local park, during lunchtime, so anything that is easily transportable and easy to take down is essential. I'd suggest a few blankets for the smaller children to sit on and eat their food.

    Nature, of course, is the best decoration of all, but it would be easy to make some paper ladybugs using red and black cardstock to put up around the picnic area. You could hang them from trees or a pavilion, if available. Streamers are also easy to carry, but be mindful of the weather. Wet streamers are never fun to clean up!

    Here are some other, similar themed parties:
  • Huggable-Bug Party with ideas for bug crafts and goody bags.
  • Garden Party, which includes flower-related activities and snacks.

    Do you have any ideas to share with my friend for her Ladybug Picnic Party? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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