Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Little Mommy" Birthday Party

A few weeks ago I was looking around Flickr and found this twist on the classic Barbie-in-a-dress cake. Instead of a princess, make it a "Mommy" party for her four-year-old daughter, Emma! How cute is that? I contacted the photographer, and Laura agreed to share some of her ideas here. She writes: "This was such a fun party, I hope someone else can be inspired by it." I hope so, too! Thanks again, Laura!

For the invitations, she made miniature purses from scrapbook paper and slipped the invitations inside. They invited all the girls to bring their favorite
baby doll with them to the party. The even brought all the doll furniture into the living room and "set up a little nursery so the mommies would have somewhere to take care of their babies during the party." Awwww.

For the cake, she used the Wilton pan, but with only one box of cake mix, saying she "felt the shorter skirt really gave her a retro mommy look." I think her attention to detail is gorgeous! She covered the plate with about two inches of fondant decorations. I love the addition of the baby wrapped in a fondant blanket! Creative babywearing mamas could make a pouch or ring sling to hold the baby.

Emma's Mommy birthday cake
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The party lasted about three hours, and there were 3 adults presents to help with the festivities. The afternoon was full of pampering and mommy time. I wish I had a party like this for me! Laura explains:

Once all the girls arrived we started with manicures. I had a friend of mine there so we could both be working on nails at the same time. And the girls who were waiting just continued to play with their dolls. I let each girl pick a nail polish to put in their purse and take home. Then they each got to pick a lip gloss that we helped them put on and then those went in the purse, too.

The party included the obligatory cake and ice cream time, and then the afternoon ended with a neat surprise scrapbooking activityy!

I had my husband take pictures of the girls the whole first part of the party (We took photo ops: each girl getting her nails done, each girl with their baby, all the girls with their rings, each girl giving the birthday girl a
present, and eating cake.) I then had him quickly upload and print about 6
wallet sized pictures for each girl. After cake and ice cream the girls gathered around the a table and did a little scrapbooking. We did the gluing while the girls stuck on stickers and colored with crayon.

Emma and her friends
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It sounds like a fun, frugal time! Laura's resourcefulness included many homemade items. She got almost all of the manicure supplies from the Dollar Spot at Target, and she made the purses from some extra fabric she had on hand. She made mini scrapbooks by cutting down card stock and scrapbook paper and binding them with ribbon. Sitckers and other craft supplies were from the Dollar Store. She made the purses herself by sewing 6X8 fabric bags with ribbon handles.

The Birthday Girl
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Happy Birthday, Little Mommy! It sounds like you had a great party!

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