Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Retro Housewife Party

I don't even know how to play bunco, but this looks like a fun night!

Amy at The Motherload recently threw a Retro Housewife Bunco Party, complete with Sloppy Joes, mandatory apron-wearing, rice krispy treats, and game-fun galore!

She also shared some helpful tips:

  • Don't be afraid to use prepared foods you just pop in the oven (i.e. tater tots) alongside your main couse. Fast, easy and fun!
  • Cake stands can help keep bread fresh and add height to your presentation.
  • Fill up one side of your sink with ice and use it instead of a cooler to hold drinks. (Now why didn't I ever think of that?!) It definitely beats dumping out the water from a cooler...and you could even repurpose the melted ice to wash dishes!
  • When entertaining in a small space, you have to be creative. Get rid of all clutter and unnecessary items, even if it is just for the night!

  • We've hosted game nights before, but this is taking it to a whole other level. The key here is not leaving anyone out: if the guest didn't have an apron, she provided one! I also love the idea of a regular game night with a different theme each month! It reminds me of those murder-mystery dinners--you can really go all out on a theme quite cheaply if everyone pitches in!


    Amy said...

    Awww, thank you so much for linking to this! I am not the best at entertaining and so I am completely flattered that you highlighted my evening! Thanks a bunch!

    Rachel said...

    This sounds like lots of fun. I think we might have to try this at our next girl's night!