Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Free Stuff = Free Party

Over at Wise Bread, Linsey just posted about her experience with a service that lets you throw house parties for free!

Apparently, when a new product releases or a new TV series debuts, the companies behind those products and services will send thousands of households tons of free stuff to promote their "new thing." You can receive this free stuff just by applying for parties you are interested in and sharing those things with friends and neighbors!

What a great way to throw a themed party right in your own home for little or no money. Having a House Party would provide a fantastic opportunity to reach out to your neighbors. I mean, who doesn't want free stuff? And by choosing and applying for the ones you are interested in, it means you can choose things you think might appeal to people you know. Also, the privacy policy seems pretty sound--at least, they allow you to send a letter to opt-out of third party requests for your personal information.

Go check out the House Party website. If you have tried this, please let me know what you thought about the experience in the comments.

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Amy said...

I have signed up, but only got to do one. They sent me a little pack of napkins and a Swiffer sample. It seems hard to get into these, especially the ones that offer the most. That is a great idea though!