Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pirate Birthday Party

One of my favorite blogs, Ohdeedoh at Apartment Therapy, recently featured a pirate party! While some of the ideas are a little out of my price range, perhaps (store-made custom cakes and cupcakes, a pirate bouncer in the backyard, etc.), there are plenty of other ideas to spark your imagination. I love that she made the invitations look like treasure maps by tea-staining them and burning the edges! How fun!

The Pirate Party post is here, while the creator, a crafty mom, blogs at Pigeon Pair.

Have you found party ideas on the web you'd want archived/categorized here? Please let me know!

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Candace & Anna said...

My daughter will be turning 3 in August and we are thinking of a cookout with the kiddie pools set up. Do you have any great advice on how to keep the $$$ to a minimum? We have a friend that does incredible cakes too so if you have any fun ideas for a water themed cake I would love to hear those too!