Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway Carnival: We have a winner!

Thank you to all who participated and visited my little blog! If you need an idea for your next celebration or need an answer to a party-planning related question, feel free to return regularly as this site grows and expands. I look forward to your input!

Now, as for the Bloggy Giveaway Contest, out of a grand total of 58 comments, there had to be one winner. Random Number Generator performed its task with excellence and chose...

Commentor #28, mrscjallen, who said: "What beautiful writing! I'm wishing you all the luck on your new endeavor. And if I were to win, I'd use these beautiful personalized cards to write a 'short note' to the ladies in my Bible study or my family out of state. Although I will admit, it would take me a minute to part with it and I may just save one for me. :o)"

Thanks, all, for your kind comments! And congratulations to our winner!

And if you didn't win, well, be on the lookout for an announcement of an online shop where you can order cards from me! Mostly, I plan to focus on addressing invitations, but I may have to branch out into personalized note cards! I know of at least one stationery success story in real life. So, we shall see what happens!


CanCan said...


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to be choosen!

I can't wait to receive those beautiful cards in the mail.

Karen said...

Just wanted to let you know you won my blog header contest - I sent you an email, but I wanted to make sure you got it. Email me so we can set up a time to chat about what you'd like! Thanks!

Allison said...

cancan-- Thanks for stopping by!

Mrscjallen -- I'm working on them this afternoon and the will be in the mail soon (though I might just have to take a photo before I send them off...hope you don't mind!)

karen -- Thanks! That's awesome! As you can see, I definitely need some help! I'll be in touch!