Thursday, April 24, 2008


One of the purposes of this blog is to encourage folks to celebrate the goodness in life in whatever form that may take, be it a special occasion or just an excuse to party for any reason. And I do mean ANY reason.

Keely Scott who blogs at Queen Anne's Lace posted about her American Idol Fantasy League Event Tuesday night.

It just shows that all you really need to have a memorable evening is a group of crazy friends and a TV show that you both love and love to mock. With a homemade "American Idolschmidol" banner, some fantastically awesome themed door prizes including a custom-made David Archuleta wall clock, a visit from Ryan Seacrest, Jason Castro cookies complete with dreds, and, of course, the free entertainment in the form of America's favorite popularity contest, you know they had a blast.

Be sure to check out the all-star cast of characters in her group photo. If you are familiar with the Square Peg Alliance, you might just recognize a few faces in the crowd (though I'm still trying to figure out who might have been in the gorilla suit!)

Question: if you were going to throw a television-show themed party -- which show would you choose and how would you celebrate? I'm going to think about throwing a LOST-themed party for the season finale...complete with Dharma Initiative-logo cookies. What about you?

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keely said...

Thanks Allison! It was so much fun. . . Go for that Lost party! Thats awesome!