Friday, March 21, 2008

The Mad Hatter Would Be Proud

Elizabeth over at A Purposed Life wrote in to share with us her latest celebration of her daughter's 6th birthday: a tea party for under $35!

I love the idea that the little girls can take home their own teacups, which means the next time they get together, they can have a tea party of their own!

She also made individual cupcake holders out of glasses and decorated them with cute blue and brown polka dot ribbon. In fact, she used grosgrain ribbon throughout the decor! She even snazzed up a plain bowl with ribbon!

(If you are looking for an inexpensive ribbon resource, I buy mine at Garden Ridge when it goes on sale for $.25/roll and dig through the bins until I find ones I like. My husband wonders why I have so much ribbon stockpiled, but this is one of the reasons!)

Be sure to visit Elizabeth's blog to see more of her tea party ideas, including pretty pictures!


Liz said...

I order my ribbon from Paper I use a ton of ribbon with my embroidery business and they have the best price for bulk ribbon purchase.

Allison said...

Thanks for the tip! That looks like a great site!