Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Celebrating Easter on a Budget

Here are some simple yet beautiful ideas for making Easter special.

Motherload has an entire article full of frugal Easter ideas as well as a video on how to make Easter special on a budget.

Design Mom offers suggestions for practical, pretty, and reusable Easter Baskets.

Angry Chicken demonstrates simple, low-cost, kid-friendly chocolate birds' nests that would look pretty on the good china, even.

Nancy at Femina comments on memories of Easter celebrations past and includes this anecdotal history of the Easter egg:

And as far as the eggs go, my daughter learned while she’s been in England that this tradition has a very practical beginning after all. Since the people didn’t eat eggs during Lent, and because the hens kept right on laying anyway, they had a big surplus of eggs by Easter. So, being keen on finding a good use for so many extra eggs, they turned it into a party and colored the eggs and hid them to delight the children. Children are still delighted by such things, and I say, let them be! What could our good God possibly object to if we want to boil, color, and hide eggs for our children? I never met a child who didn’t adore it!

On that note, here's some inexpensive, natural ways to dye your eggs (you probably already have most of these ingredients in your kitchen). Here's a video on the same topic I found thanks to Keely. Enjoy!

If you have other ideas or links to frugal Easter ideas, please leave a comment below!

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