Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DIY Birthday Shirt and Bib

Just a few weeks ago, our son celebrated his first birthday. In honor of the occasion, my sisters-in-law and I came up with some crafty projects. Here are the first two, with basic intructions that you can adapt for your own use.

First Birthday Shirt
Long-sleeve 12 month tee, $1.99 from Target clearance rack
Fabric from old shirt, free from Aunt Amy's closet
Needle and thread, free from Grandpa

Draw the number or shape you wish to use on a piece of paper. Trace onto fabric with pencil. Cut fabric 1/4" larger than design all the way around. Iron the edge so there is a crease all the way around. Sew on using embroidery stich of your choice, beginning from underside of fabric. Even for a novice seamstress like myself, it will at least last through one wearing and possibly at least one washing!

Cupcake Bib
Designed by Amy Redd

Plain bib, $1 from Hobby Lobby
Colored felt, from Hobby Lobby
Needle and thread, again, free
Hot glue and glue gun

Trace out the design you would like to create on construction paper as a guide. Then, cut out the shapes and trace onto felt. Cut out all the assorted felt pieces you will be using and include a backing piece that it about 1/4" larger than the total design. Stitch the pieces to the background piece, and use hot glue to attach the design to the bib.

Amy created a simple cupcake design by putting a white icing shape and yellow cupcake paper shape on a bright blue background. By adding a candle, colored "sprinkles" and decorative stitching, she really made it festive.

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