Thursday, July 17, 2008

Celebrate Sleeping through the Night

Although we've been having a little trouble with teething, mostly our son sleeps blissfully through the night now that he is 16 months old. However, I know all too well the long nights of getting up in the wee hours and nursing a baby or comforting a fussy little one.

A while back I was directed to this post about throwing a party when your little one finally sleeps through the night! (Courtesy of Amy's Notebook.)

The pictures are adorable, and I love how she utilizes the "table made into a bed" idea that we've seen before here.

This blog is about rejoicing in the everyday, and even the tiniest accomplishments should be celebrated, I think. Perhaps we'll have a "potty training" party in the next year!

And I definitely should've had a "feet-themed" party when J learned to walk. Well, I'll have to save that idea for the next one: we'll read The Foot Book and eat feet-shaped sandwiches and perhaps enjoy a footprint or flip-flop cake.

And do you remember the excitement the first time your little one rolled over? Get the older siblings excited, too, by eating fruit roll-ups and rolled sandwiches and reading Beatrix Potter's The Roly-Poly Pudding. (Please, someone stop me. I could go on forever at this rate!)

Have you celebrated any baby and toddler milestones with a party? Do you need an idea on how to celebrate an upcoming event? Please, share your stories and questions below!

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