Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fruit Chews...on a Cake!

I'm back! We're (mostly) moved in to our new place. And I just had to blog this crazy, wonderful, delicious idea for decorating a cake with fruit chew flowers from the Angry Chicken blog ...that's right, Amy Karol decorated her daughter's birthday cake with Starbursts! I think it looks lovely and probably smelled fantastic!

Be sure to check out Amy's blog for more ingenious crafty ideas and hilarious tips on what NOT to do when making Starburst flowers...

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Leslie said...

What an awesome idea!! Especially at this time of year with all the halloween candy!

I stumbled upon your personal blog and wanted to check out your party planning site, too. I'll be checking back! I am an artist and have a little stationery business out of my home.