Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cupcakes Make Any Day a Party!

Natalie "Alabama" Chanin posted a wonderful recipe for cupcakes with buttercream icing, purportedly adapted from an original recipe from the Magnolia Bakery! Yum!

The kids said after our cupcake extravaganza was over, “This is just like a party.” To which I replied, “This is a party.”

Recently, I helped a friend make her first from-scratch cake, but was unable to stay to help her ice it. Chanin linked to this slideshow from Country Living magazine which shows step-by-step instructions on how to ice a cake with buttercream frosting. The photos--especially the one depicting a "crumb layer"--would've been most helpful to me. Hopefully, they will be of assistance to you, though! It includes "Tips and Tools of the Trade," which has inspired me to buy an offset spatula as soon as possible. The slideshow is also making my hungry!

(I have to give a plug here for Alabama Chanin and their support of truly local handmade goods, since I'm from Alabama myself and fully support such endeavors.)

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CanCan said...

I love this blog. Hey, I'm from Alabama, too!

I'm giving away some Robeez shoes this week!